This is a work in progress, as we continue to explore the big city of Quito. These are our notes thus far.


Mercado Iñaquito — Between Av. 10 de Agosto y Av. Rio Amazones. This market is a bit different than the Santa Clara market–below–and not as nice, however, we came here to find some oriental products. There are about 4 or 5 scattered about, in and immediately around this particular mercado. We just asked various persons there where the oriental stores were–most of them knew. A couple of the shops weren’t really worth it, but the one almost immediately across the backside of the market was pretty decent. That is where a friend found the hot sauce/salsa he was searching for — an Oriental restaurant owner in Quito directed us to Mercado Iñaquito.  We also found a couple of liquor stores selling rum and whiskey at very reasonable prices. Each store was handing out samples. A place worth going back to and exploring. It was a short taxi ride from The Coral, near a Mega Santa Maria grocery store. Said to be open from 6am to 5pm. –12/2016


Comercial Lopez across from the Santa Clara Mercado. Versalles OE2-84 y Marchena

We now know where to get Blanched Slivered Almonds, Hazelnuts, Brazil NutsRye Flour, Cashews, Pecans, Black Sesame Seeds, Sunflower seeds, chili powder in bulk, and even Dates and other nuts by the pound! As well as chocolate covered almonds, candied almonds, chocolate covered raisins, yerba mate, sesame seed oil, and the list goes on, including Almond and Coconut flours. A fantastic find thanks to the Foodie Tour September 24th, 2015 by Cota Notas of Cotacachi! The Santa Clara Mercado across the street also had some of the same stuff.  –And thank you Cota Notas for this and the following 4 finds! We now come here whenever we need our cashews and pecans.


Just around the corner, going towards the park, there is a Salinerito where they sell cheeses by the pound, including a very creamy blue — we bought 1/2 a wheel — parmesan, and much more. You may taste before purchasing. They make decent large deli sandwiches as well. 

A door or two down, check out the little grocery store with various specialty items different from the usual — flours, homemade style pastas, very large sunflower seeds, breads, etc., including shoes, backpacks, baskets, and gifts.

Around the market are great stores for kitchen wares, quality pots at better prices, Himalayen salt lamps, essential oils and more.


liquor store, quito

Sommerlerie Liquors

Sommerlerie Liquors Matriz Av. Republica del Salvador 406 y Moscu (esquina)  If one happens to be in this area, this fine liquor store is worth peeking into. They carry various wines from a number of countries and at times, offer tastings. A whole group of us — 12 in all — checked it out and most of us bought, as much of their pricing was quite reasonable in comparison and their staff appeared to be knowledgable of their wine selection. Oddly enough the name La Kapela is on their building–see picture.




Datu Gourmet in QuitoDatu Gourmet & Speciality Shop, Mariana de Jesus E7-166 y Pasaje Martin Carrion. They had real vanilla beans, wild rice, chipotle peppers, scallops, pine nuts, black sesame seeds, pecans and much much more. Pricey, but if you want a taste of home, well you may find it here. Upstairs is a place for Omaha Steaks. 


El Griego at Quicentro Mall

Last I checked, they had poppy seeds and pine nuts. Update 9/10/15: Poppy seeds–yes, pine nuts–none. But lots of gourmet type items.


For those who are very familiar with Cuenca or who have lived in Cuenca before, Coral is in Quito! — at AV. SHYRIS Y TOMÁS DE BERLANGA — whereas, when we first moved to Imbabura, Coral was nowhere close by. A taxi driver said that they’ve been in Quito for about 1 year. Our mouths dropped open when we saw this store here!

We certainly did not appreciate Coral when we lived in Cuenca, but once we moved to Imbabura and saw the high prices at Todo Hogar, Kywi, etc. etc., we began to realise what was missing.

This is a Cuenca based company, with at least one store in Guayaquil, with crazy good prices considering Ecuador and is Ecuador’s version of a Super Walmart — actually, I’d called it a mega Walmart. Some pricing may or may not be as good as in Cuenca.