La Vaca Gorda — 10 de Agosto (centro comercial Albuja) — We’ve eaten here sometime back, but I guess I just wasn’t all that hungry when we came for their burgers, hence I failed to be inspired to post. However, to be fair, from what I can remember, it was a pretty decent burger. And since two friends have recently spoken very highly of their hamburgers and fries, I’ll post now. 01/2017


Casa de Vieja: In San Francisco Plaza. This quaint place has good pizza with a crispy thin crust with lots of cheese. Gluten free also available. Individual slices can be ordered as well. Red pepper flakes are served on each table.


La Casa del Turista — Food prepared well, presented well, and lots of it! Our friends have eaten here several times before and invited us to join them for their 4th time around. They ordered 3 shrimp appetizers for our table which were excellent (there was plenty to go around for six of us) and then we ordered the shrimp apanado for our main course. The butterflied shrimp were absolutely delicious! It came with fries, a sweet slice of plantain, and a nice small salad. And, the aji sauce was absolutely wonderful. We requested another round. I was quite impressed with the place and evidently so are others, as the place was hopping on a Sunday night. Their new addition seats diners in a relaxed Santa Fe type setting. Highly recommend. We’ll be back. (This restaurant is just over from Parque Matrix, straight over from the church going toward town).


Thai Away — it’s on Sucre!

Thai Away in Cotacachi

Thai Away in Cotacachi


Yay, there is now Thai food in Cotacachi! Owned by folks from Australia who know how to prepare Thai wonderfully. We had the chicken, zucchini, and eggplant swimming in a green curry sauce and it was simply to die for. They mentioned that it was probably their spiciest dish that day, yet not too spicy for our taste buds, but, they gave us chili peppers on the side. The meal was $9.50 and was plenty enough for my husband and I to split. It’s take out food prepared fresh, so we decided to head over to the bus terminal’s food court and eat our meal there before heading home to Atuntaqui. Well worth it. Thanks to Sheila for letting us know about this place so we could go opening day! They now have $5.00 Saturaday lunch specials from 12:00 to 2:00! –August 2015


Kokopelman Seed Sanctuary

A peaceful setting for a very healthy and scrumptious vegan breakfast or a vegan lunch. Sitting on several acres, this little piece of paradise sells not only organic vegetables, but, as their name suggests, various seeds are also available for those with a green thumb. We even bought some plants — a lavender and a stevia plant. In their restaurant there are various natural products for sale, as well — from skin care products, essential oils, teas, to organic extra virgin coconut oil, etc., not to mention, exquisite pottery crafted by a local artist. The menu of the day, prepared by a German chef, is reasonably priced and we walked away well satisfied.



Sumac — New location: Quito and Sucre in Otavalo. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 10pm. You can make a reservation at 099-423-7153 or 06-292-3808 or private message him through Facebook. 

This Quichuan chef knows what he’s doing. Fabulous food served elegantly –from the shrimp & patacomes appetizer, the potato soup, the main course, to the desert, were all presented exquisitely, and everything was scrumptious. A Gringo lady highly recommended this place to us. $9.50 for a four course meal (the menu of the day) Fantastic service. 


Trebol (closing for personal reasons–03/2017

All day, every Friday, Trebol’s serves fish and chips. Personally, I love fish and chips.The fish filets were nicely battered, and the fries crispy. Served with a delicious cole slaw, tartar sauce and London Pub Malt Vinegar. We even had a homemade pecan pie for dessert. Popular with the Gringos.




Serendipity (across from Trebol)

Been here a few times and their food was always pretty good. Cute place.


La Fontana (out of business)

For excellent Italian food! The chef is from Italy. They serve a buffet for 9.00 each, which includes a full glass of wine, or another beverage of your choice. It is not an all you can eat buffet, but it doesn’t have to be.  Between the salad, bread and the 7 entrees — from chicken breast in cream sauce, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, a very flavorful fettuccine,  a spicy pasta, a lemon pasta, and beef rigatoni, there was plenty of food on our large plates, all delicious. A very good tiramisu was for dessert for $1.50 more.


The Buffet at La Fontana


La Parrilla de Alberto 

At the bus terminal, in the food court. Their drinks really are gringo-cold. We had a heck of a burger with fries for only $2.50. –Price may have gone up since then. 


Solid Rock Cafe  

“Leather Street”, near bus terminal.
The food is good and so’s the brewed coffee — free refills. They have American style breakfasts, plus much more. Very popular Gringo hang out.


Coo Coo’s Nest next door has good food as well. Another very popular place.


roasterCafe Rio Intag

This is the coffee roaster in town. His drinks are quite good. Expect some latte art–which is a good indication that the shot was pulled correctly, and the milk was steamed right as well. And yes, (LOL) we are coffee snobs, as we use to roast and teach this stuff for a living. The coffee is advertised as organic, and, as he pointed out, he was trained to roast in Italy, where he also purchased his machine.


There are several want-to-tries:

–There is supposedly an exceptional steak house we were told is called Janine’s. About $12.00 per plate serving plenty of food.

–And, of course, The Mirage, which we are saving our next anniversary for. Friends of ours dropped an easy $200.00 for dinner and said it was worth every single penny.