Cevicheria Sr. Camaron (google map says Don Cameron — On the corner of 2 de Marzo y Sucre. The place is quite large and it was packed!!!  –We like it when we see a packed out restaurant.

Our camarones al ajillo (garlic shrimp) were enjoyable. The many shrimp came in a bowl swimming in a tasty broth. It came with rice, beans, and 2 large excellent patacones–fresh. ($7.00) And, typically, we were served popcorn and roasted corn nuts to start. This restaurant was referred to us by other Gringos also living in Atuntaqui. We will definitely return. 03/2017 –Warning: They do not peel their shrimp.


Chifa Oriente — Although we’re not crazy about the Chinese food in this country, this place is right on the Pana, left side going toward Ibarra. Good large egg rolls — 6 for $4.00. Big meals. 02/2017




El Charro Loko

A Mexican restaurant on Amazones, walking down on left side, just before Calle Espejo before Tia. Open from 2 to 9:30 every day. Tacos for 2.00 each with chips and guacamole. Not too bad, but no special trip needed.





Oskar Pizza — Oskar pizza in also in Otavalo. However, this one is open in the evenings only. We finally got to try it and I enjoyed their pizza immensely, even our guest from Florida loved it. Great thin crispy crust, great flavor, and giant slices for around $1.50 and $2.00. On Calle Espejo and General Enriquez. 02/2016




Pizza in Atuntaqui Ecuador

For pizza

Another Pizza place in Atuntaqui. They actually delivered to us. From northbound lane going toward Ibarra, make a left at the first light, cross the Pana, then make an immediate right. Place is behind Servientrega. Reasonably priced and pretty tasty. Although the crust was not crisp, the pies did have good flavor. A decent choice if you happen to be in Atuntaqui and want pizza. They’re very generous with the cheese too. They also serve empanadas and offered us at no charge, two hot beef empanadas to sample. They happened to be excellent. I also love their aji salsa. Super friendly place with good service. Open evenings. Posted 02/3/2016


La Quita — Going up from the Pana northbound, we turn right one block past General Enriquez. Fred really liked the ribs, whereas I did not, but I would like to try the rest of what they offer. Quite a few American friends have flocked here, even those from Otavalo and Cotacachi. Open on weekends.


El Molinete

Bolivar y Calle 2 de Marzo
A nice little restaurant and coffee shop. The only downside is that they’re only open in the evenings.They have a large commercial espresso machine. They make frappuccinos!  I favor their milkshakes. We go there for the burgers (the Neapolitan)  and fries –around $4.00. On Sundays only, they serve lasagna, but that must be ordered on Thursdays. They serve liquor and beer as well. One beer was a German import — $7.00 for a small bottle. They also make their version of a Greek salad with lots of green olives that we’ve split as side salad.

For Ice Cream

On the corner of Calle Espejo y General Entriquez
There are many ice cream shops in Atuntaqui but this place is one of our favorites. The chocolate ice cream is excellent. In our opinion, they also serve the best fresh fruit salad–covered with lots of cream, a little syrup, a scoop of ice cream, a wafer cookie, and, believe it or not, a lite shredded cheese that looks like coconut flakes. It’s refreshing, and makes a nice light lunch too.


I love encebollado. This delicious fish soup is prepared with fresh albacore tuna, yucca, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and condiments. In our opinion the best encebollado de albacora can be found at a tiny little restaurant in Atuntaqui, right on the Pana, a few doors down from the Kingdom Hall, right on the corner of 2 de Marzo. This sweet little family makes it the best! Only open for lunch.