Grape Conserve

Grape Conserve
Grape Conserve
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  1. 3 pints pulped grapes with skins
  2. 1 lb seeded grapes
  3. 3 lbs sugar
  4. 1 orange
  5. 1 lb shelled walnuts
  1. Wash grapes in cold water, and drain. Cook in double boiler until skins separate from pulp. Place skins in saucepan, add water (barely to cover) and boil until tender, then press pulp through strainer fine enough to retain the seeds. Add the cooked skins, sugar, raisins (cut into halves), and the orange, cut fine (seeds rejected). Boil from 1 to 2 hours -- or until thick, skim while boiling. Add nuts, cut small but not fine, and cook 5 minutes longer. Then put into hot sterilised jars, when cold, add covers to jars.