Soups and Stews

One thing that stands out to us about Ecuador’s food, are it’s soups.  There’s a wide variety of magnificent soups here, from fish soups, meat soups, chicken soups, vegetable soups, potato soups, etc, etc.  Some are thick and creamy, while some are a thin broth.  They are eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner…well, at any time of day. And each region of Ecuador has it’s own variety.

Two of my favourite soups are Ensebollado–a fish stew usually made with fresh tuna, yuca, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, spices and served with pickled onions; and Locro de Papa–a creamy, cheesy potato soup with avocado.


A Web picture of Ensebollado


Please note: that as far as the recipes go, garlic here is a whole lot less potent, therefore, I cook with a lot more than I would living in the States.