A cacao pod — This pod is actually cut incorrectly, because cutting the pods in half can cut into the seeds. Fermented, dried and roasted cacao nibs (seeds) are simply wonderful to snack on. Like eating a chocolate nut. I’m not a fan of eating  just plain dark chocolate, however, chocolate nibs are a different story, and talk about healthy! (Personally, at times, we’ll skip the fermentation process, as we just dry, roast, cool, then gently peel open with fingers to reveal the smooth nib). Yellow cacao is of a higher quality.



Popcorn is often served as an appetizer in restaurants, sometimes along with corn nuts, and almost always with soup.

corn nuts or cancha

Corn nuts, also known as toasted corn or maiz tostado, is a snack food made of corn kernels roasted on a flame in a pan with a little oil. In parts of South America, it is referred to as cancha. It is always served with ceviche along with aji salsa.







All are web pictures of some of the good old typical junk food that’s available, and yes, there’s Frito Lay.   And don’t forget the sweet coated peanuts, the pan de yuca, and more.  Some of the regional companies make excellent potato chips!