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All of the above is available here. If you want pasta, you got it, including orzo (a rice shaped pasta).

Aji Chipotle is now available in Supermaxi — 11/2015

The taste of chipotle pepper goes great with creamy pasta, so I am posting here how my husband makes his own chipotle seasoning in small batches right on our stove top using red aji peppers. And the seasoning smells heavenly.

My husband takes the typical red aji hot peppers and dries them whole in the sun till about three quarters dry with a slight amount of moisture remaining. He then cuts them in half. Then in the center of a pan, either a flat clay pan, a wok, or skillet, he’ll lay his wood chips–any hardwood can work, but a nut or fruit wood works better. He then covers the wood chips with a stiff screen shaped somewhat like a dome, but where the chilies can lay on top with the inside of the chilies facedown. Then a lid goes on top. He sets the stove flame on high to get the wood chips smoking. Then turns the flame down to low and smokes for around 30 minutes. Fortunately, our stove is next to a window so the smoke can be directed outside, or a fan can be placed in such a way so the smoke can be directed out. Once the peppers are smoked and cooled, they can be ground. If necessary, dry the peppers further before grinding them.
Wood chips can be found at any one of the lumber yards or carpentry shops.

Please note: that as far as the recipes go, garlic here is a whole lot less potent, therefore, I cook with a lot more than I would living in the States.