Meat- Beef


Please note: that as far as the recipes go, garlic here is a whole lot less potent, therefore, I cook with a lot more than I would living in the States).


A Doctor Mercola article (click) about the health of U.S. citizens. 

To go along with the above link, this came thru on a GringoTree Newsletter —  February 2014: Trouble Brewing for Gringo Health Insurance: “”After actively pursuing expat business for several years, some local and national health insurance programs are now considering drastic premium hikes or even dropping coverage for foreigners altogether. The reason? Gringos are too sick and too expensive to insure at Ecuadorian rates.

An administrator for one Cuenca insurance program says that many Cuenca insurers have been shocked by the number and amount of claims that have been filed. “Our prices were based on the assumption that foreigners were in the same health as Ecuadorians of the same age,” says the administrator, who asked not to be identified. “What we are finding is that gringos, especially those from the United Sates, are much sicker and need more services.”

An expense that was grossly underestimated, she says, is the cost of medications. “In Ecuador, most people use medicine when they are sick and stop using it when the get well. Many gringos take large amounts of drugs and don’t want to stop, even when their doctors say it isn’t necessary.” She says that several of her program’s gringo client’s routinely submit monthly claims of more than $400 for medicine. “It is the main reason that we may decide not to insure expats in the future.”

The administrator says that much of the fault lies with the insurance companies and programs themselves. “We, and other programs, did not always require physical examinations to assess applicants’ health, and we should have. We have discovered that too many of our clients are obese. We have found that other clients knew that they needed thousands of dollars of medical services before they signed up and didn’t tell us in the application. After they have been approved they start taking advantage of the services.”

Meanwhile, several expat customers of a popular hospital-based insurance plan with dozens of foreign members, report that the plan is refusing to pay claims due to an apparent glitch in an automated premium payment arrangement with local banks. One unpaid claim amounts to more than $20,000. Two of the plan’s customers with unpaid claims say have hired an attorney and May pursue legal action.””


About the beef in Ecuador:

With all of the above said, we feel that we’re eating healthier here in Ecuador. And actually, we feel that way simply for the beef alone! Let’s face it, COWS WERE NEVER MEANT TO EAT CORN!!! AND NOW THEY’RE EATING GMO CORN!  A DOUBLE OMG!!

Health experts, like Dr. Mercola and others, have been telling people for quite sometime now, to buy and consume only grass fed beef. We tried to do just that in the States at times, but doing so was always more costly, especially when buying from a health food store, where most of the grass fed beef was sold. And let’s face it, everything is always more costly in a health food store. Even though I truly loved shopping at Whole Foods…..seriously, our poor budget! But a great store.

However, here in Ecuador, this is not a problem, because no matter where we shop for meats in this country, there it is — grass fed beef! (I’m not talking about organic meat, though). Whether we go to a mercado, a butcher, a specialty store, or a large supermarket chain, grass fed beef is the norm and within most people’s budget, and not the other way around.

Yes, we must admit, it did take some time getting used to — the very fact that those tender, marbly, succulent grain fed steaks, that we so loved throwing on the grill, are no longer available to us for the most part. However, it is truly comforting to be able to easily and conveniently get our hands on grass fed beef — without breaking the bank. And, with that grass fed beef, comes grass fed butter!

We love getting our beef at the mercados opposed to the supermarkets too. There, we buy very very tender cuts, such as Lomo Fino — the fillet mignon part AND the actual fillet mignon part they call Super Lomo Fino — and good fresh ground beef!


May 25th, 2015 finds us back in Colorado where I shopped at a local health food grocery store chain. Well, I decided to search for grass fed ground beef and I couldn’t believe my eyes. That one pound package cost $9.00!

June 5th 2015: On the other hand, we got to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and oh my goodness, our steaks were absolutely awesome! Now that was a treat — albeit, an unhealthy one, and, unfortunately, still yummy. 

June 15, 2015: I just read today that for the first time since 2003, US cattle are being shipped to Ecuador. Yuck! So much for that! Here’s what we read:

In May 156 cattle flew from the Port of Miami in Florida to Latacunga, Ecuador. Livestock are transported daily around the globe, but no live cattle had been imported to South America since 2003 when borders were closed to United States animals following a positive case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), which is also known as “mad cow” disease.”