Meat- Pork

Ecuador is surely big on pork. In the mercados whole cooked pigs are common.  And here in Atuntaqui, this is fritada country — pork fritadas. Here’s a good description of a fritada.

“Fritada de chancho is a pork dish made by cooking chunks of pork in large pans with water until the water has been consumed and the pork is left to cook itself in its own fat. The results are delicious pieces of pork that are crispy and golden on the outside while juicy and tender inside”.

We love the pork meat in this country, whether we buy it from our butchers at the mercado, or from Grand Aki or Supermaxi, etc. And for some reason, we’re buying a lot more pork meat here than we ever did in the States — not quite sure why exactly.

Pork tenderloin and good pork chops can be found at the grocery store chains. We can most certainly find them at the mercados as well if we get there early, as the more expensive tender cuts can go quicker. However, we now know what to look for and where to look when we enter the meat section of our Atuntaqui market.


Please note: that as far as the recipes go, garlic here is a whole lot less potent, therefore, I cook with a lot more than I would living in the States.