Meat- Lamb

For some reason, we haven’t seen mucho lamb in this country. We had one experience with lamb when my husband bought me a leg of lamb for my blog: I’m Dying to Eat It–In Ecuador. I normally don’t choose to buy lamb anyway, but needed to complete a recipe — all of the recipes, in fact, from a series of culinary mystery novels. It was a silly little, but enjoyable goal that I completed in 2014 — hence, an I’m Dying to Eat It–In Ecuador blog.

I cannot say, however, that our experience was a good one, as our leg of lamb was mostly tough and gamey tasting. However……the shepherd’s pie that I made with the leftovers was fabulous, hence my recipe under Lamb. (Expat friends of ours from Canada love lamb and buy it all the time from the Atuntaqui mercado).

I personally am not a big fan of lamb, but it can be found here. My husband purchased the leg of lamb from the mercado in Ibarra, the section where they also sell goat meat — a section of that particular market we don’t normally walk through.