Perfect Everytime Baked Honey BBQ Chicken

Perfect Everytime Baked Honey BBQ Chicken
Tired of baked BBQ chicken coming out watery?
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  1. Chicken pieces -- legs, thighs, wings, bone-in whole breasts
  2. Hot red pepper flakes (optional)
  3. BBQ Sauce
  4. Honey
  1. Put the chicken pieces in a pan. Sprinkle with hot pepper flakes to taste. Bake at 350 for 1 hour uncovered. Remove the chicken from the oven and drain off all the juices. Mix your favorite BBQ sauce and honey together -- 2 parts BBQ sauce to 1 part honey. Return the chicken to the pan and brush the underside of each piece with sauce, then flip and pour the remaining BBQ/Honey sauce over the tops, covering all the chicken pieces generously and evenly. Bake uncovered for another 45 minutes to an hour -- ovens vary. I prefer an hour.
  1. No watery BBQ sauce and perfectly tender & moist every single time! Dinner guests could not get enough.