Bean Quiche Pie Crust for a Mexican Quiche

Mexican Quiche
Bean Quiche Pie Crust for a Mexican Quiche
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  1. Cooked beans
  2. Grated cheese
  3. etc
  1. This idea happened because my husband had made a gigantic pot of beans using bone broth instead of water, and while they were tasty, I was growing sick of them, plus my freezer was already too full, hence this was an idea to help get rid of those beans. It works well.
  2. Take your cooked beans and in a buttered pie pan, form a pie crust. Smash the beans some if you have to. The batch that my husband made held together very well without adding or doing anything to the beans. This is because he cooked the beans in chicken bone broth instead of just water. However, any cooked beans should do.
  3. Grate cheese for the bottom layer and the sides -- pressing the cheese into the bean crust to hold in place at the sides. Then make your egg batter. Pour into the crust and bake. Walla! A Mexican style quiche sounds great for this. Here's an idea--
  4. To go in your crust on top of the cheese--
  5. In a little oil in a skillet, saute up until soft, one or two chopped tomatoes, a handful of green onions, a small chopped pepper or 2 --hot or sweet-- some minced garlic, and.....? Throw that all on top of the cheese.
  6. Then whisk up your eggs, perhaps with a little cream and season that with some Mexican seasonings, salt and pepper. Then whisk into your egg batter some grated cheese. Pour that on top of the veggies and bake. 400 degrees for about 30 minutes to one hour, or until the center is done. Let sit for a few minutes, slice and serve.
  7. Tip

  8. When we have a cooked pot of beans that we cooked with water, and then in turn, have too much seasoned sauce in comparison to the portion of beans, we freeze that liquid and cook up our next pot of beans with it rather of just throwing it down the drain.

  9. One can also do this with leftover rice (not my idea). If the rice is not sticky, add an egg, season the rice too, if desired. Press into a buttered dish and add the quiche batter.