coco-milkTo make coconut milk: Rinse your coconut first. Over a container take a hammer and crack open your coconut–A BROWN COCONUT, THE GREEN ONES ARE FOR DRINKING COCONUT WATER. (THAT’S WHY, AT TIMES, THEY COME WITH A STRAW)–and let the water drain out. Strain the water through a colander, and either drink the healthy water, or add the water to your coconut milk in the blender–a strong blender.

Separate the meat from the shell. I use a steak knife because it is flexible, but I have cut myself a few times. So be careful. Break apart the meat into smaller pieces, and put the pieces into the blender with it’s thin brown skin, and the coconut water too, if desired.

Fill blender container with filtered water–make sure to cover the coconut meat with the filtered water. Cover with lid, turn on, blend well.

For the flour: Strain off the solids from the milk using a chiffon cloth or fine strainer. Dry the solids in the sun — this becomes your coconut flour. Then grind the flour until fine.

Your milk is now ready. The cream will separate. Put the milk & cream back into a clean blender container for silky smooth coconut milk, or, scrape off the coconut cream and use, and use the skim coconut milk separately. One coconut yields 1/2 gallon of milk. (Note though, that not every coconut will produce a thick layer of cream, at times we’ve gotten just a very thin layer or hardly none at all).

Great for smoothies, and most certainly, cooking & baking.