Morning Moon Over Cotacachi, Ecuador

Morning Moon Over Mt. Cotacachi, Ecuador with fog in the valley below.

Welcome to Imbabura Province, home to the towns of Otavalo, Cotacachi, Atuntaqui, and the city of Ibarra.

Since my husband and I retired at relatively young ages, sold everything and moved to Ecuador in 2011, I have come to love dabbling in my kitchen with ingredients available here, as I am not one to depend much on ingredients that I can load up in a suitcase after a visit to the States. Keep in mind though, that in this land where, now you see it–now you don’t, items come and they go all the time. .

Mt. Cotacatchi, Ecuador

Mt. Cotacatchi as seen from Atuntaqui





While  Ecuador may pose a challenge for the expat who loved cooking or baking their usual’s back in the land in which they came from, Ecuador does have plenty of its own to offer. And, in this land of plenty with it’s abundance of produce all year long, it is easy and inexpensive to eat healthy. 

Cuicocha Lake

Teodoro Wolf Island in the water-filled caldera with its lava domes — Cuicocha Lake


The unfortunate thing about Ecuador wanting to protect it’s own goods, thus making it so difficult now for importers, is the fact that even the goods that are NOT made in Ecuador have become next to impossible to import. Our Hong Kong Market, for instance, had to close his doors because he was unable to import so many of the items that he carried in the past. Again, items that are not, nor likely ever will be, produced in this country. But the major grocery store chain called Supermaxi and Megamaxi, is getting new stuff in all the time. So, for the most part, I prefer making due. 

Mt. Imbabura

Mt. Imbabura looming over Atuntaqui with the fog rolling on in.

Anyway, this blog/website/hobby-thing is just plain therapeutic and simply for fun. In fact, this entire site will remain a work in progress, as there is something else that I enjoy doing for the sheer enjoyment of it, writing, especially if and when we travel to new places. 

Please note: that as far as the recipes go, garlic here is a whole lot less potent, therefore, I cook with a lot more than I would living in the States.