I’m Dying to Eat It–In Ecuador

August 16, 2013 — Not only do I find blogging and cooking to be therapeutic, I truly enjoy, when I have extra time, reading novels, especially mystery novels. My dear friend and downstairs neighbor who is also from the States, has a large collection of paperback mystery novels that her mother dedicated one large suitcase to when they came to Ecuador 9 years ago.

One series of mystery novels that I have access to are by Diane Mott Davidson from Colorado. Being that my husband and I called Colorado home for 25 1/2 years, I was thrilled when my friend recommended to me Diane’s mystery-solving caterer named Goldy. The protagonist Goldy, who is originally from New Jersey, lives and runs a catering business in a small Colorado mountain town nestled in the Rockies, all the while, of course, solving crime. One additional benefit in Diane’s novels are the recipes provided which her crime-solving caterer whips up along the way.

I decided to try Goldy’s Dream Cake which is in Diane’s first Goldy novel, Catering To Nobody. My husband doesn’t care for cake, but this cake he really enjoyed. So I mentioned to him that perhaps it would be fun as I read each novel, to try and duplicate all of Goldy’s American style recipes as best I could with ingredients easily available here in Ecuador. Even if some of those ingredients may be difficult to find, if not impossible, I’d try to come as close as possible — and within our budget, as some items are much more expensive in this country.

Then he suggested that I keep track of it all by posting what I did with each and every recipe and put it in a blog. So, for just the sheer silliness of it all, that is what I am doing. It also forces me to commit to trying a variety of new recipes, as I can easily get into a cooking rut always preparing the same old meals. Too, when I go shopping it sure helps me pay more attention to what’s on those shelves. Besides, I’ll be doing three things this Ex-Coloradan — originally from New Jersey as Goldy — who very much misses home, finds tonic — reading mystery novels, cooking and blogging.

So then, this blog will be a work in progress with 17 culinary mystery novels to read, and lots and lots of new recipes to try. Hey, I just may be able to endure being so far from home as I cook, bake, and eat my way through each of Diane Mott Davidson’s enjoyable novels. However, I’m not going to type out the instructions for each recipe as that may be a bit much.

With mucho reading, cooking, and baking to do, buen provecho to us!

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